Data Log Lab

Data Log Lab 1.5

Data Log Lab is a graphical analysis tool. It loads the data logs
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Data Log Lab is a graphical analysis tool. It loads the data logs generated by various aftermarket car ECUs and enables rapid and meaningful analysis of the information that is hidden within them. It offers far more functionality than the manufacturers’ original software and access to it in a far easier way. It’s combination of power and ease of use has already won it many satisfied customers. Data Log Lab has been successfully used for over 5 years within the after-market ECU community. It's usability has been honed over that time to give the best experience possible and to find the perfect balance between ease of use for beginners and powerful features for the advanced. The facilities it offers are those which are of the most use - no "flowery" or "pretty" features just because they look good! The collection of graphing tools provided gives users immediate feedback on the most meaningful data within the data logs, and the Power Graph calculations tell unequivocally the effects your tuning tweaks have had on the car's performance. The Power Graph calculations that Data Log Lab performs have proved remarkably consistent and typically within 2-5% of rolling road figures.

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